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FabAcademy projects around Agriculture

Here is a list of agriculture-related project made before 2021 during FabAcademy. I take the liberty to categorise them with some keywords. Those projects appears in a random order.

Green Bricks indoor watering system

Bokashing video: fermenting

Arduino Greenhouse broken archive

Pesticide spraying drone video: outdoor

OpenHydroponicGrowbox video: Hydroponics indoor

OXGROW video: aquaponics indoor

An aquaponics system video: aquaponics indoor

Aquaphonic Home Farming system aquaponics indoor

Local Farm video: vertical farming, indoor ?

BAMBOCO, An off-the-grid vertical herb garden vertical hydroponic farming, outdoor ?

Leaf collection robots: Leafbot video: outdoor

GIY Grow it yourself video: indoor watering system/aeroponics

Cogus video: indoor Mushroom cultivation system

Mykonos indoor Mushroom cultivation system

Fungarium video: Broken links , mushroom

GreenTubes video: indoor watering

Plant Hydrator Alarm video: indoor, hydrator indicator

FabSprout video: indoor, sprouting

Hydroponic pallet video: vertical

Monitoring for grey watering system video: outdoor, greywater

PlantCamGo video:

Mixoponics garden video: indoor, Aquaponics

Hydroponics 2.0 video: indoor hydroponics, aeroponics ?

Smart Planter video: indoor

Thirsty plant video: indoor

Urban Flex Pot video: vertical, indoor

GROUU - An Open Precision Agriculture Modular System video:

Fabtomation video: hydroponics

Azolla video: Aquaponics, biofertilizer, livestock feed, food and renewable energy

DAR - Dispositivo Autónomo de Recursos video: vertical

Hydroponic plant pot video: hydroponics

Hello happy plant video: sensor

Sensoric Beehive video: Beehive, outdoor

OpenGrow, Open BioReactor video: BioReactor

My BioSphere video:

The smart shield for agriculture video:

AutoFarm video: sensor

Wetbot Farmbot alike

PureImagination video:

Egg pasteurization video:

Pineapple De-shellig video:

GreyWater treatment video: greywater

Greenhouse video:

Wireless irrigation video: irrigation

Growbox hydroponics

Beesbot video: Beehive

Automatic Fish Feeder video: Aquaponics, indoor

Aquafeed video: Fish Feeder

Fogcatcher video: wildlife, outdoor

Plamo video: indoor

Automatic Plant watering system video: indoor

Hydroponic system video: vertical, hydroponics

Scoop video: chicken, outdoor

Cloud Pot video: indoor

Aquapioners video: aquaponic, indoor

Seed-Sprouting Green House video: greenshouse, outdoor?

My connected birdhouse video: wildlife, outdoor?

Personal FabFarm video: outdoor?

WaterSeed video: watering system

Mopos video: indoor

Selfie your watie video: indoor

FABull Cow

Adaptable folding structure Biosensor

The BirdCatcher Wildlife, outdoor

Plant stimuli Biosensor

Last update: April 28, 2022